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The Healy story

Developing Healy

Healy is a high quality medical technology product that was entirely developed in Germany.

A seasoned team of developers and engineers, who had extensive previous experience working on the professional TimeWaver systems, faced the exciting challenge of bringing this complex technology into a compact and easyto-use form.

The development of Healy, the testing and preparatory work for its clearance as a medical device consumed considerably more money, time and resources than all the TimeWaver devices that came before it.

This Is Healy

The result of all this work is Healy – small, inexpensive and very easy to use!

You can attach this compact and light device to your clothes using its clip. Healy is controlled by a smartphone app that you can download; it communicates with Healy via a Bluetooth connection.

Cleverly Designed

Although the exterior looks simple But Healy’s internal mechanisms are extremely complex. If you need all the scientific details just to increase your confidence with Healy!

Just Healy can work to make you healthy. It’s like you don’t have to understand how the car’s engine works. Because you can drive to work or return to your lover anyway!

Light and Portable

Healy is a wearable device for lifestyle. Which means you can attach it to clothes

Healy will send waves to recharge your body. Through the electrode that you wear on your wrist Or ear clip Or attached electrode

One reason Healy is small and very light. Is to use the user’s smartphone as a screen Memory and control unit of Healy

This means you don’t have to carry anything. Because already have everything in your mobile phone.

Scientific details that will impress you with genius

Cell membrane tension

Healy’s work is based on Becker and Nordenstorm’s theory that;

“Many diseases and disorders of the body caused by the electric potential difference in the cell membrane Decreased unnaturally.”

Means the electric potential difference between the cells and the spaces in that cell is too small Healthy cells show an approximate value of -70 millivolts (mV).

This lower electric potential (physical) causes the internal metabolic processes to malfunction. And is one of the reasons can cause health problems.

The use of frequency waves

The fact that Healy is designed to carry electricity into the body will return the voltage of the cell back to a healthy level (physical).

These electricity levels are very low. In the range of a few micro amperes The most important criterion for this type of use is the use of electric currents using appropriate frequencies. And that is why we call it “The use of frequency waves”

An important part of using frequency bands is Using Nuno Nina’s theory and experience to decide which spectrum to use for what purpose

Healy has a program packed with knowledge and practical experience with thousands of patients for many decades.

Although scientific research is the foundation of Healy’s technology, its links to health and well-being have not been thoroughly studied or demonstrated. Healy is not intended to treat, treat, relieve, diagnose or prevent disease. But promoting energy balance and increasing efficiency in body rejuvenation Vitality and well-being.

Marcus Schmieke

Who was born in 2016 1966 is the inventor and developer of Healy and TimeWaver products.

He has figured out a way to make everyone benefit from the possibilities of TimeWaver technology in a compact and simple form for many years.

He needs equipment that everyone can use every day. A device that is compact, simple, and practical.

Small companion devices that help our holistic health. And can help prevent and support us like never before.

Nuno Nina

Nuno Nina is a Portuguese researcher and doctor. He opened seven private clinics. Mainly in Portugal He mainly works in integrated medicine and cell biology.

Nuno’s vast amount of patient experience has enabled him to combine theories and discoveries into what is known as “Gold Sound Wave” of 144,000 sound waves

When he introduced to TimeWaver technology many years ago He recommends combining this technology with the potential of sound therapy to create something great. More than separating into different parts


The team of experienced developers and engineers who have developed the TimeWaver system for many years face enormous challenges. To convert complex technology into a compact and easy to use device

To date, TimeWaver technology has only been used by professionals. Due to the need to use expensive and complicated hardware Including extensive medical training. In addition, a computer must be specifically used for control.

Now everything has changed. You can put Healy in your pocket or attach it to your clothes. The Healy app on your smartphone. Will always tell you what to do next.


The Healy development takes more money, time and resources than all previous versions of TimeWaver systems. Everything is done in Germany.

The results of that endeavour are so powerful that Healy is small, inexpensive, and extremely easy to use!


Programs for Energetic Balance – Wellbeing


Healy Gold

Healy Gold has hardware, Healy, the Nuno Nina gold cycle and a program page you choose as you like.

Nuno Nina’s golden cycle program can be used in many ways:

To help and protect life energy Rehabilitation after experiencing negative experiences for proper energy balance Create emotional balance Including creating well-being and relaxation

Healy Holistic Health

Healy Holistic Health consists of Healy Gold’s Nuno Nina cycle and 8 other programs that help you get better:

✓ Specific stimulation
✓ Life energy balance 1
✓ Life energy balance 2
✓ Mental balance
✓ Meridians 1
✓ Meridians 2
✓ Sleep
✓ Skin

Healy Holistic Health Plus

Healy Holistic Health Plus.
All of this information. You will get Healy Holistic Health and 6 other program pages which have more than 120 Healy programs:

✓ Learning
✓ Being healthy
✓ Jobs
✓ Beauty
✓ Chakras
✓ Protecting programs

Healy Resonance

The Healy Resonance model consists of Healy Holistic Health Plus, which has more than 120 Healy sound wave programs and includes the Healy Analyze App along with the Resonance and Aura modules.

Doctors can use the analysis features of the Healy Resonance module in conjunction with Resonance analysis to recommend their patients’ nutritional supplements, etc., if necessary.

Home users can also analyze their health and that of their families. But we recommend working with a doctor or medical service provider with experience for analysis Another useful tool in this model is the Healy Aura module. This module helps you analyze the energy distribution of your chakras in the field. After analyzing the emotional background You will find suitable ways to increase efficiency.

Effective enhancement forms can be used with various products via Healy to balance the emotional imbalance. In addition, many customers and doctors use Healy in addition to medication.

Healy is a wearable device for lifestyle.

Is an ingenious innovation Healthy, balanced, easy to use, yet inexpensive science guidelines

In the science of holistic health care The important thing is not just the happiness in creating new innovations and the satisfaction of having something unique. But it also means having facts that reference evidence Scientifically proven development And there are documents that support enough to make people trust as well

The development of the application of sound waves through the research of doctors and scientists for many decades. Numerous researches and decades of experience have proven the safety of this method. Which can be confirmed by the fact that our doctors have utilized this method for many uses.

Professor Robert O. Becker

An orthopedic surgeon and an expert in electrical therapy. The author of “The Body Electric” in 1985, which is a “scripture” of electrical technology in modern medicine.

Professor Becker previously taught at Syracuse University in the north of New York City. He was one of the first scientists to come out and talk about the dangers of electromagnetic waves since 1979. 1975

Your main research will involve restoring organs and organ systems. Through the phenomenon of creating a balance of biological electromagnetic currents in the body

Professor Björn Nordenstrom

The development of the application of sound waves through the research of doctors and scientists for many decades.

Numerous researches and decades of experience have proven the safety of this method. Which can be confirmed by the fact that our doctors have utilized this method for many uses.

Cell activity

Therefore, our model assigns electrical frequencies to the language that cells use to communicate. Or can be called a key that opens the connection and body functions

In other words, we can say that metabolism and cell division Energy production of cells (ATP synthesis) and protein synthesis must be stimulated by the use of frequency waves.

Cells in your body

Cells are the smallest basic unit of every organ in your body. You have about 70 trillion cells in your body! The number of cells in your body is 14,000 times greater than the total population on this planet!

Of course, each cell has a unique function, but all have the same “basic blueprints”. (The other is that plant cells are very similar to the cells of animals and humans.)

Cell nucleus

The structure and function of most all cells are the same.

The nucleus of the cell as a boss, mitochondria is a power plant, ATP is the energy storage, the endoplasmic reticulus is the intestines, Golgi Appropathy is an enzyme producer. And the cell membrane is the outer shell that holds everything together

Each of your cells has its own metabolism: water, nutrients and oxygen are transported. And must release the products produced by the metabolism

Just Vibe Energy Healing with Healy.
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