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My Trauma Story

My Trauma Story (excerpt from my book chapter)

Chapter – Surviving to High Vibing – Decoding the Wellness Mantra

“The life I’m living now is the life that I always dreamed of. But when I was younger my life was controlled through fear and trauma. Throughout my childhood and teenage years my subconscious ran self-destructive, automatic programs; negative belief systems that stripped me of my confidence, happiness, wellbeing, and sense of self.

Feeling unsafe around unfamiliar vibrations of love, acceptance, and the happiness of others, I was living through trauma perceptions and states, not seeing life clearly. I lost hope in my dreams, and the disappointment of life often felt overwhelming. I remember times in school and college where I was unable to focus as my mind and emotions were overwhelmed and distracted, and my learning became inhibited.

Never understanding why I felt disconnected from my body, myself, and other people – often feeling fearful, distrusting of life and others, unloved, and rejected. I was unaware that I was triggering past trauma memories. Unknowingly, I had dysregulated my nervous system’s adaptive response to fight, flight, or freeze, and its prolonged, long-term, switched on outcomes, would manifest unpleasant, emotional, psychological, and physical symptoms. I would often experience fear, anger, shame, numbness, hopelessness, chronic anxiety, stress, digestive disorders, muscle tension, hyperarousal, and hypervigilance. Often these fight, flight, or freeze responses would continue for days, weeks and months, long after the threat had gone. When the freeze response persisted, I would shut down to self-protect. I became more susceptible to anxiety depression and would try to relieve my symptoms controlling alcohol and food.

By practicing the following meditation techniques I learned a way to rebalance my nervous system and manage my anxiety and depression. These meditations helped change my energy from a freeze state, into a more fluid state, where I could release anger, fear, shock, and trauma, all the heavy dense states and energy frequencies.

  • Focused Meditation – Concentrate or focus on a sound, an image, a mantra. The key is to engage your senses.
  • Mindfulness Meditation – becoming aware of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, as they arise. Don’t judge them. Just observe. You may also combine noticing your breath with whilst observing thoughts, feelings, or body sensations.
  • Movement Meditation – walking, deep breathing, swimming, chanting, dancing, shaking, laughing. This type of meditation is important to free us from the contraction, the shutdown, and the freezing that trauma can cause, and helps free our minds and bodies.”

Why Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a gentle effective tool to help us process the memories from trauma. Hypnotherapy provides access to the information and data that is stored in our subconscious mind, body, and energy field.

Hypnotherapy is about reintegration of fragmented mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of us – to restore us and bring balance and harmony. It gives a “voice” to the lost parts of us that are hidden, traumatised, unloved, or forgotten.

Hypnotherapy allows us to use resources we didn’t have access to at the time of an event, changing the way memories are stored, and brings us freedom. Trauma changes our thoughts, beliefs and subconscious patterns, our relationships and our personality and lives.
Through Hypnotherapy we can access the memories that are causing trauma to be activated, as well as the negative thought patterns and behaviours in our lives. We can change those beliefs, therefore creating new thought patterns, behaviours and over time new personal realities. We can learn to shift our stuck, “frozen” energy by allowing trauma memories- thoughts and emotions to become conscious and then processed and released.

Emotional & Psychological Trauma Therapy

What Can I Expect from Hypnotherapy & Trauma Therapy?

  • Begin to experience life through the emotional lens of allowing.
  • Learn that every negative state has a certain familiarity that feels right and comfortable. Feeling good, happy, confident, and trusting can actually feel uncomfortable.
  • Become comfortable with feeling good. People who had difficult childhoods need to learn that its ok and safe to be happy, confident, and trusting. Become familiar with the state of consciousness that is at peace with life and able to be relaxed and happy.
  • Free yourself from living in the egoic state of consciousness, a state dominated by fear, where trusting life seems out of step with most people and therefore wrong.
  • Learn how it is the patterns in your mind that make you unhappy, although we project them onto other people and situations and then blame them instead.
  • Free yourself from negative emotions and emotional wounds that lead us to perceive differences and feel defensive instead of enabling us to understand and to love.
  • Get free of our emotionally addicted desires, demands and outcomes.
  • Become consciously aware of the states you are in, and how to act, and feel, about people and events in your life.
  • Ask yourself: “what state of being am I in right now?” And also “did I consciously enter this state, or was I taken into it unconsciously? Or was I already there?”
  • Trauma stops you from receiving higher energy frequencies of love, joy, and peace. (Remember trauma is a state)
  • What high vibrational energy frequency am I not allowing myself to feel because of this block?”

Living with Emotional & Psychological Trauma

Can you relate?

You are always afraid of the future. You are always focused on your survival, your self-preservation? Wondering who you could trust? And who will love and look after you? Where will you live? How will you support yourself? You feel like life comes at you, and can’t be trusted? The unknown is scary? Do you experience symptoms that can’t be medically diagnosed?

When we are centered and present, we are connected to our body, to ourselves, and to others; not separate.

When we are triggered through trauma memories, we disconnect from our body, ourselves, and others.
This disconnected part of us becomes activated by the trauma trigger, and we react and give rise to emotions of fear, shame, anger, separation, overwhelm, anxiety and stress.

Fight, flight, and freeze are activated in our nervous system and we are regressed into the young, wounded child / trauma state; highly reactive and fearful.

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