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My IBS Story

My IBS StoryI received my first diagnosis of IBS in my thirties at my first routine colonoscopy. Although, I had been suffering from symptoms of IBS, reflux, chronic pain and bloating since my early twenties.

I had tried a variety of different diets over the years with varying degrees of success and learned to avoid certain foods completely. The most beneficial was a low FODMAP diet which helped with the reflux and hernia, and I still follow that lifestyle today.

I was exercising regularly which greatly helped to control anxiety and stress and also to get motility in my intestine during the bouts of constipation. I think the symptom that bothers me the most was urgent diarrhea I would experience during an IBS flare-up. Suddenly, I would have the urge to go to the toilet and would literally only get a two minute warning. I had no way of holding or controlling my bowel, which led to the occasional accident, when I was unable to reach a toilet in time.

Over time, it began to curtail my lifestyle more and more. I started to avoid going to the beach, choosing to spend more time at home, always conscious of where I would be going or what I would be wearing if I went out. Travelling was extremely difficult and had to be timed well – either before eating or missing a meal altogether often became my preferred option.

I was unsure about what my IBS triggers were. There was nothing obvious to me at the time they would arise. I realised that anxiety and stress played a big role in aggravating my symptoms. I learned how to meditate and do breathing exercises designed for people with IBS. I also noticed a link between my anxiety and certain food triggers. Self-hypnosis greatly helped balance my autonomic nervous system and still does so today.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have experimented with various IBS Hypnosis programs and I realised that I needed to create my own IBS Hypnotherapy audio program, which is available to purchase here on  – Shop – “Inner River Meditation”.

Additionally, the best tools I have to offer are:

  1. Managing your stress and anxiety levels
  2. Avoid problematic foods
  3. Follow a healthy low FODMAP diet
  4. Increase fiber intake
  5. Relaxation and breathing exercises, Yoga, Tai Chi
  6. Listen to audio Hypnotherapy recordings and learn to meditate
  7. Take Probiotics and Prebiotics

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